The Service and Developer

The perception of a service in production by a developer is pretty much like the perception of healthy food. No matter how much you know about the benefits of eating healthy, you will not be able to act accordingly until you face a health problem related to consuming un-healthy foods. 

That is primarily because of not facing consequences in the first place and not owning the service like the people who operate it. For which you can’t blame developers as we are pretty much programmed with what we do. Our feelings and understanding evolves around what we spend most time on.

We could fix this by pulling developers more into operations so they will intuitively understand it is not the next cool feature that matters the most but that task in the backlog which would improve the customer experience by providing a service that is a little more stable than yesterday…


One can observe time only if there is movement. Think about it, if nothing moves… You are looking out to the street and no one moves, no bird flies, no cloud changes its location, no voice travels through the air… Nothing happens, as if you are looking at a picture taken a little while ago. You keep looking at that image right in front of your eyes, nothing has changed for the last 10 minutes. If you wait 10 more days nothing will change. You can’t see time in that image. You can’t find time in a picture. Time doesn’t seem to exist when nothing moves.